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The end of Wintel – An opportunity for consulting vendors

The Economist has a great article on the (often predicted) demise of the Microsoft/Intel monopoly.

The end of Wintel

What’s interesting to me is how much each of these companies is in each other’s traditional turf. There used to be a clear distinction between processor companies (Intel, AMD), software vendors (Microsoft, Oracle, IBM), hardware providers (HP, Dell, IBM) and consulting companies (IBM, Accenture, Infosys) etc.

Consulting companies are adding software (mostly SaaS based) offerings to increase their margins and try to achieve “non-linear” growth models (fancy speak for not having to have revenues grow with the number of resources). Hardware companies are adding services to their offerings mix to offset downturns in sales and expand the revenue mix (think HP, Dell).

From the viewpoint of the corporate buyer, the situation is becoming even more complex (e.g. Can I trust the advice from X consulting when their other arm wants to sell me software and hardware?). I think the consulting companies that refrain from trying to dabble in all things at once will have the clearest and purest value proposition to clients.

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