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How strategy really works

New book from the former CEO of P&G and the former head of the Monitor group on how strategy really works.


The Economist has a favorable review and Amazon is full of fulsome praise from CEOs (e.g. Sir Terry Leahy, ex-CEO of Tesco, calls it the “best strategy book he’s ever read”). What caught my eye are the six flavors of strategic errors:

  • Do-it-All strategy – Shorthand for not making choices. (I see this all the time)
  • The Don Quixote strategy – Attacking the strongest competitor first
  • The Waterloo strategy – War on too many fronts at once (Probably related to the first one)
  • The Something-For-Everyone – Tries to capture every sort of customer at once. (Consulting companies are probably guilty of this)
  • The Program-Of-The-Month – Sort of like a strategy flavor of the month
  • The Dreams-That-Never-Come-True – Failure to translate mission statements into clear choices (Probably another reason why mission statements are useless)


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