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MIT’s take on the personal side of big data

MIT tech review has a couple of interesting stories about the personal side of Big Data. A few titbits that caught my eye:

  • 99.5% of digital data is never analyzed. Now not all data is useful; however, this number still leads me to believe that big data is still more of an opportunity than a done deal at companies.
  • 75% of the ‘big data’ that is created, is generated by individuals as they create and move digital files. Makes sense. This lends credence to the view that digital and big data should not be talked of as separate. In my mind, big data, is part of digital.
  • Based on mobile phone/GPS readings, it is possible to predict (with 80% accuracy) where a person is going to be up to a year and a half in the future. Wow.
  • Axciom (the data collection company that has 1500 pieces of information on 500m consumers), has teamed up with Facebook (scary) and now claims that they can link their (“anonymous”) data to 90% of the US social profiles. If this is true, marketers should be throwing out what they know about segmentation, profiling etc. and take their marketing budgets right to Facebook/Axciom directly.

Let me know if you need the article.

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