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Disruptive technologies – a peek into the future?

Two interesting things that I came across recently on the topic of disruptive technologies. One is a paper (“Disruptive Technologies – Winners and losers from game changing innovation – October 2013“) from the equity analysts at HSBC. The second is a book (“Age of Context by Scooble and Israel“).

HSBC - Disruptive Tech

The paper does a good job at providing a broad view of the disrupting forces, although I walked away less convinced that it had picked the right “winners” (e.g. in mobile payments, it predicts the eventual dominance of NFC. That’s hard to swallow given the meager adoption rates). But that’s a quibble. One thing it does get right is the notion that it’s extremely hard to predict the winners, but it’s quite easy to understand the companies that are going to get left behind.

The book, on the other hand, seems much more promising at describing the confluence of the major trends and more importantly, what it means for companies. The reviews for it seem off the chart.

For consultants looking to advise companies on the impact of such technologies, these should be must reads.

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