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Fun financial stories. No really.

I’m the last person to get excited about finance. How refreshing then to read a book that makes stories around finance/Wall Street actually readable, and then some. Business Adventures

The book, Business Adventures, is a set of stories that the author (a former, now deceased, writer for the New Yorker) wrote in the 1960s. The scope of the stories is impressive: from the launch of the ill fated Edsel to insider trading to international finance. The complete list is here:

  • The fluctuation: the little crash in ’62
  • The fate of the Edsel: a cautionary tale
  • The federal income tax: its history and peculiarities
  • A reasonable amount of time: insiders at Texas Gulf Sulphur
  • Xerox Xerox Xerox Xerox
  • Making the customers whole: the death of a president
  • The impacted philosophers: non-communication at GE
  • The last great corner: a company called Piggly Wiggly
  • A second sort of life: David E. Lilienthal, businessman
  • Stockholder season: annual meetings and corporate power
  • One free bite: a man, his knowledge, and his job
  • In defense of sterling: the bankers, the pound, and the dollar.

But it was not the topics that kept me reading. It was the way the story was told – clearly, without fuss and with a subtle sense of humor. Highly recommend for any consultant that wants to get a better understanding of how the (finance/business) world works.

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