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Great “HR” book. No really.

work rules


I thought I would never use the words great and HR in the same sentence. But I’m about 1/2 way through this book (“Work Rules!”) by the main HR guy at Google, and it’s awesome. It’s chock full of anecdotes, insights and practical tips on how to attract, keep and motivate people. You know, the kind of things HR is supposed to do but usually never does.

Their philosophy seems to be simple: Hire the people with the best potential, motivate them and get out of their way. Sounds simple, but very few companies (in my experience) actually do this. Their practices actually reminded me of what some of the best consulting firms do: Spend an inordinate amount of time / money on recruiting (Google spends twice as much as others), have a low acceptance rate (Google’s is 0.25%) and have a lot of perks (some of Google’s perks are in the image below).



google perks


Well worth a read.

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