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Escape plan for the tech 0.1%

Reading this article in New Yorker about how the tech super wealthy have back up plans to escape doomsday scenarios made me sad.


Don’t get me wrong. The article was really well written. It was the content that shocked me:

  • Apparently more than 50% of all tech billionaires have escape plans (some with planes / helicopters, gold coins, houses at the ready)
  • New Zealand seems like a favored destination. In the first few days after the recent election, the rate of people applying for residency climbed to 7 times the normal rate. Wow.
  • Another (more local) favored destination seems to be underground missile bunkers. e.g. One in Kansas called the Survival Condo Project was selling condos for $3M a pop. All of them are sold out (in case you were wondering).

I would have normally dismissed such extreme planning to paranoia. However, after a week of the clown show that we have seen in the new administration, I feel completely unprepared.

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