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Tip for increasing women participation

December 20, 2017 Leave a comment

Buried in the science section of the Economist was an interesting piece of data on how to encourage women’s participation in group settings.


Essentially, they found that when a woman asks the first question in a group setting, it encourages more women to do so and much more than when a man asks the first question. Although the data was collected in academic settings, it would be interesting to apply that to group settings in business as well. Something for consultants to start trying in their teams for a start.

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Business focused Blockchain event at MIT

March 27, 2017 Leave a comment

This looks interesting: An one day event at MIT on April 18 this year focused on the business of Blockchain. Seems to have a bunch of relevant speakers (e.g. the head of the Hyperledger project) and a broad focus (various industries, social impact etc.).

Funny: The pain of conference calls

The New Yorker has a funny piece on the perils of conference calls that left me laughing.

It is for these reasons that most people prefer to be silent during the call, with their phones in speaker mode and muted. This is a good time to shower, write the word “Why?” on a notepad until the ink runs dry, or organize your closet by color. Every once in a while, I like to unmute and chime in with a “Yes,” “No,” or “I agree.” About what, I have no idea.

I think that most (knowledge) workers can relate to this form of torture.

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Funny: Boring meetings

September 22, 2015 Leave a comment

Admit it, we’ve all been in meetings like this.


Another funny one from the New Yorker.

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