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Funny: Flight delay benefits

February 2, 2018 Leave a comment

A nice one from the New Yorker to think about when your flight is delayed.

airline benefits

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How the 0.0001% fly

January 31, 2018 Leave a comment

Really well written and informative article in the NYT magazine how the ~7000 who lord over the rest of us 7 billion fly. (Hint: It’s not on United.)28mag-28jets-t_CA3-superJumboApparently there are about 22,000 private jets, but only about a third of these (~7000) are the truly elite planes. The main choices of these jets are between the Gulfstream, the Bombardier and then the ‘Bizliners’ (essentially commercial planes from Boeing or Airbus fitted as private jets). Apparently the Gulfstream G650 starting at a mere ~$70M is thought to be the most tasteful choice. The commission fees for buying one of these taps out at about a $1M.

But not everyone can afford these. One needs to show a net worth of at least 5 times greater than the price of the plane. The mere ultrahigh-net-worth-individuals (~230,000 in the world that have a net worth excluding their home of at least $30M) will only be able to afford something in the range of $4M.

Something to ponder on as you squeeze into seat 22B.

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Extra airlines fees now 10% of revenue

airline feesAirlines’ business practices never cease to amaze me. It appears that the “extra fees” (read blankets, ear buds, movies, baggage, change fees etc.) now make up ~10% of total revenue according to an article in the NYTimes. The data is actually from a survey from – full data here. All this while the quality of “service” continues to be awful at best. Read and weep.

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The incredible shrinking airline seat

Consultants are of course painfully aware of the awfulness of flying. The fact that airlines seats have become smaller and more uncomfortable over the last 50 years will not then come as any surprise.


What was surprising was the fact that airlines may only be part of that problem. Airline seat widths, pitch have apparently declined ~10% over the last ~50 years, while (ahem) our seats / weights have increased by ~20% over the same period.



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More hated than airlines?

December 31, 2015 Leave a comment

It’s hard to believe, but a recent survey from Kaiser suggests that there are industries out there that are more hated than airlines. Apparently just 44% of people have a negative view of airlines, vs. ~50% for health insurance, pharma and oil companies. I’m sure this will warm the hearts of airline execs this holiday season.

more hated than airlines

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Cattle class: United appoints someone with experience in moving cattle

October 3, 2015 Leave a comment

I found this letter in last weeks’ Economist funny.

I see that United Airlines, facing huge competition, has appointed a railroad executive as its new boss (“The chairman’s flight”, September 12th). I am sure his experience with cattle cars will serve him well when squeezing passengers into planes.

It would be unfair to single out United, however. I think none of the US carriers (with maybe the exception of Virgin) know the meaning of service. Sad.

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Travel: The half a million dollar first class seat

Most consultants travel a lot. I thought it may be interesting to share a nice article from the New Yorker on the history and design of first/business class seats.


A few points caught my eye:

  • Birtish Airways was the first airline to offer fully flat beds, but not till 1995
  • New first class seats cost ~$500k each

Worth a read (and perhaps weeping over, when you are stuck in seat 22B).


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