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High stress consulting = Early death?

April 13, 2018 1 comment

Nice little chart from 1843 on how much the residents of each country sleep on average vs. their GDP.


The part that caught my eye was on that may resonate with overworked consultants.

Two weeks of six-hour nights slows your brain as much as pulling two consecutive all-nighters; doing so consistently increases your chance of an early death by 13%.


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Big four’s consulting revenues on a tear

April 11, 2018 Leave a comment

Big 4 on fireThe WSJ reports that the Big Four make more money from their consulting businesses than they do from their traditional audit business and those consulting revenues are growing at a much faster rate than the flattish growth in audit.

Worth a quick skim.


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Consulting firm rankings

Interesting little report from IDC (“IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Business Consulting Services 2018 Vendor Assessment”) on consulting firm rankings for 2018. The takeaway for me was how closely clustered all these firms are. Also, I’m not sure which buyers actually look at these rankings for consulting.

Consulting firm rankings


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MBB vs AI?

There are so many articles about how AI is going to take over the world that it’s hard to keep up. However, one such (well written) article in the Economist this week caught my eye. In particular the following quote on the impending demise of the consulting business model:

The Googles, Amazons and Microsofts of the world may take over from the McKinseys, Boston Consulting Groups and Bains,” says Roy Bahat of Bloomberg Beta, a venture-capital firm. “Consultancies are built for two-by-two matrices. AI’s matrices are a million by a million

Although I’m clearly biased, I don’t think that’s the right framing. It’s not MBB vs. AI (or MBB vs the tech firms) it’s going to be whichever firm is able to leverage AI to support its consultants.

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McKinsey opts for tradition

March 25, 2018 Leave a comment

Big 3Elections are often a way to get a peek into what the electorate is feeling / worried about.

McKinsey’s recent election of it’s newest leader (“Managing Partner”) hints that the firm (or at least the ~500 or so Senior Partners who are allowed to vote) is choosing tradition over even more change at this stage (it has apparently brought 14 companies focused on digital and data over the past six years).

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Funny: Business development for consultants?

January 29, 2018 Leave a comment

Photo Jan 26, 9 02 59 PM.jpg

May resonate with consultants doing business development. (From the New Yorker, of course)

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World’s worst airports

January 15, 2018 Leave a comment

airportUnless you are super lucky and have entirely local cases, consulting inevitably means travel. And travel, usually means airports. And airports usually mean hell. Or so we think when the WiFi is not working, the plane is cancelled or if you are dragged off the plane (I think one has to pay for premium service for that last pleasure). But an article in the Economist that listed out how other airports in the world function gave me pause. Consider some of the highlights:

  • In Manila, officials plant bullets in your luggage and then demand bribes once they find them.
  • In Bangui, the pilots keep the hands on the throttle in case people rush the plane
  • In Juba (Sudan), the departure lounge has no toilets and no food
  • And in Miami, the time to get through immigration takes longer than it took Leif Erikson to cross the Atlantic in a longboat

So, something to be thankful for when you merely being abused, shouted at and insulted from the normal US based crews.


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