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Funny: How consultants wish they traveled

Another classic from the New Yorker. Reminds me of how consultants wish they were treated while traveling.


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Funny: Software bundling

You can tell this is from the 1990s (notice the floppies!), but still good. The New Yorker cartoons never fail.


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Funny: Customer service

A classic from the New Yorker on customer (dis) service. Read and weep.



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Funny: A consultant’s prayer

November 5, 2016 Leave a comment


Another funny one from the New Yorker

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Startup Yoda: The man behind Y Combinator

October 10, 2016 Leave a comment

Another good article from the New Yorker, this time about Sam Altman, the head of Y Combinator. It’s full of great quotes and numbers, including:

  • 13k software companies applied to YC this year; ~240 get in (2x harder than Stanford)
  • Collectively, YC companies are worth $80B (5x growth in last 5 years).
  • A quote from a slide titled: “VCs: Soulless Agents of Satan or Just Clumsy Rapists”

Well worth the read.


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Funny: The pain of conference calls

The New Yorker has a funny piece on the perils of conference calls that left me laughing.

It is for these reasons that most people prefer to be silent during the call, with their phones in speaker mode and muted. This is a good time to shower, write the word “Why?” on a notepad until the ink runs dry, or organize your closet by color. Every once in a while, I like to unmute and chime in with a “Yes,” “No,” or “I agree.” About what, I have no idea.

I think that most (knowledge) workers can relate to this form of torture.

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Funny: The partner / consultant relationship

This cartoon from the New Yorker reminds me of the Partner / consultant relationship.



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