Uber for helicopters (or how the 0.25% live)

June 4, 2015 3 comments

bladeThe New Yorker had an interesting article on Blade – “the Uber for helicopters”. Average price per trip is ~$600. Apparently the app has been downloaded by ~20k users. Compare this to the reported ~8M users for Uber. So this is how the 0.25% live. Insane.

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Funny: Management – a definition

I found this definition of management in one of the letters to the Economist this week funny.

One traditional definition of “management” in older English dialects was, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, “to spread manure”. This has not been lost on those of us who have observed, and misguidedly sometimes employed, managers trained in punditry who have pursued agendas consistent with that ancient description.

Reminded me of a painting by James Ensor called “Doctrinal Nourishment” that I saw at the Getty a year ago.

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Corporate sponsorship of executive MBAs fell by over 40%

The Economist had an interesting statistic hidden in an article about management training.

…the number [of students] who have their tuition fees paid for by their employers fell from 69% [in 2005] to 39% [in 2015]

That’s a big drop of ~40%. The article suggests two reasons: companies are being chintzy and companies do not want to loose their (newly) more valuable employees. I think they are, as usual, being short sighted.

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How to get a job at McKinsey

May 19, 2015 1 comment

The Economist has a depressing article on how to join the 1%. Short answer: Attend the right (elite) college.


The long version can be found in a book – Pedigree – (which apparently is now the #1 best seller in its category and is sold out on Amazon). Wow.

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Andreessen Horowitz gets approached by ~11 start-ups a day

Nice little profile of Marc Andreessen (and the VC industry at large) in the New Yorker this week. Some interesting titbits:

  • Andreessen Horowitz’s code name is a16z. Funny.
  • Each year ~3000 startups approach a16z. Wow. That’s ~11 approaches a day. They fund ~15 a year.
  • There are ~800 VC firms in the US. (Compare this to the ~300k “angels” that the Economist reports.)
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Most people clueless about data (based on survey from HBR)

HBR had a an interesting stat that was a bit surprising to me. Based on a survey of 900 people across 5 countries it showed that the majority were (blissfully?) unaware of the data they are sharing in their online activities.


I would have thought the number of people who were aware to be much higher.

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Four firms control half of digital advertising

Given all the hoopla about the Verizon/AOL deal, I thought it would be useful to keep the hype in perspective. According to a recent article in the Economist, four firms – Google, Facebook, Baidu and Alibaba control 50% of all digital advertising worldwide. AOL has about 2% of market share (source: WSJ).

market size digital

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