Corporate sponsorship of executive MBAs fell by over 40%

The Economist had an interesting statistic hidden in an article about management training.

…the number [of students] who have their tuition fees paid for by their employers fell from 69% [in 2005] to 39% [in 2015]

That’s a big drop of ~40%. The article suggests two reasons: companies are being chintzy and companies do not want to loose their (newly) more valuable employees. I think they are, as usual, being short sighted.

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How to get a job at McKinsey

The Economist has a depressing article on how to join the 1%. Short answer: Attend the right (elite) college.


The long version can be found in a book – Pedigree – (which apparently is now the #1 best seller in its category and is sold out on Amazon). Wow.

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Andreessen Horowitz gets approached by ~11 start-ups a day

Nice little profile of Marc Andreessen (and the VC industry at large) in the New Yorker this week. Some interesting titbits:

  • Andreessen Horowitz’s code name is a16z. Funny.
  • Each year ~3000 startups approach a16z. Wow. That’s ~11 approaches a day. They fund ~15 a year.
  • There are ~800 VC firms in the US. (Compare this to the ~300k “angels” that the Economist reports.)
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Most people clueless about data (based on survey from HBR)

HBR had a an interesting stat that was a bit surprising to me. Based on a survey of 900 people across 5 countries it showed that the majority were (blissfully?) unaware of the data they are sharing in their online activities.


I would have thought the number of people who were aware to be much higher.

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Four firms control half of digital advertising

Given all the hoopla about the Verizon/AOL deal, I thought it would be useful to keep the hype in perspective. According to a recent article in the Economist, four firms – Google, Facebook, Baidu and Alibaba control 50% of all digital advertising worldwide. AOL has about 2% of market share (source: WSJ).

market size digital

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IoT: What not to read

In the spirit of sharing, here’s one book that you can safely stay away from.

IoT book

I thought it would provide perhaps a good framework, some good data points or pointers on IoT. Sadly it disappointed on all these fronts. Live and learn.

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AWS valuation approaches HP’s

April 19, 2015 Leave a comment

Two interesting tidbits from a recent Economist article on cloud.


  • AWS (Amazon Web Services) is thought to be ~$5B/year in revenue and valued at ~$44B (vs. HP valuation of $60B). Wow.
  • Azure seems to be on fire (~doubling of revenue from previous year)
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